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Supply Cosmetic Grade Chemical Intermediates Carbomer Carbopol 940 CAS 9007-20-9

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Supply Cosmetic Grade Chemical Intermediates Carbomer Carbopol 940 CAS 9007-20-9

Supply Cosmetic Grade Chemical Intermediates Carbomer Carbopol 940 CAS 9007-20-9
Supply Cosmetic Grade Chemical Intermediates Carbomer Carbopol 940 CAS 9007-20-9 Supply Cosmetic Grade Chemical Intermediates Carbomer Carbopol 940 CAS 9007-20-9 Supply Cosmetic Grade Chemical Intermediates Carbomer Carbopol 940 CAS 9007-20-9

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Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: wanjiang
Certification: ISO,GMP, COA, MSDS
Model Number: 9007-20-9
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1kg
Price: usd
Packaging Details: cartons or drums
Delivery Time: 3-5 working days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, Money Gram,bitcoins , bank transfer
Supply Ability: 1000kg/week

Supply Cosmetic Grade Chemical Intermediates Carbomer Carbopol 940 CAS 9007-20-9

Purity: 99%min Appearance: Powder
Usage: Cosmetic Raw Materials Cas No.: 9007-20-9
Color: Pure White Application: Carbomer 940
Shelf Life: 2 Years Storage: Cool And Dried Place
Sample: Available Whatsapp: +8615512120776
Moq: 1kg Delivery: In 2 Or 3 Days

carbomer 940-
Carbomer Factory raw materials are available from stock, transparency> 95%
Carbomer 940 is a white and loose powder. It has high permeability and thickening performance, high transparency, high viscosity, strong suspension capacity, rheological and thixotropy of segments, and low ion shear resistance. Its main characteristics are swelling and slightly acidic. It is widely used in transparent gel, essence and cream products, especially suitable for high transparency products.
Functions and uses:
Carbomer 940 has the characteristics of short rheology, high viscosity, high definition, low ion resistance and shear resistance. Its function in the product is mainly reflected in three aspects: thickening, suspension and emulsification. Carbo 940 can produce high viscosity at very low content (conventional dosage 0.25-0.5%). Kappa resin can be used as an excellent suspending agent to suspend the insoluble components in the system. It can also be used as emulsifier to emulsify and stabilize the oil-water phase. In addition, it is also a transparent matrix for cosmetics and an effective water-soluble thickener.
Technical indicators: appearance: loose white, slightly acidic powder

Specific use:
1. Moisturizing cream, lotion, cleansing products, sunscreen products, alcohol free perfume, flavor conditioner, etc.
2. It is used to prepare finishing agent, film-forming agent, filling agent, textile slurry and water stabilizer for leather and some high-grade commodities, as well as polyacrylic acid resin latex paint
3. It is used for fixing chrome salt, assisting tanning and reducing chromium pollution
4. It is used to improve the processability of PVC
5. It can be used as corrosion and scale inhibitor, water stabilizer, quenching agent, thickening agent, etc
6. Used to manufacture acrylic resin paint
7. It is widely used in the decoration of light leather such as face leather, garment leather and glove leather. It can enhance the bending resistance, elongation, light resistance, aging resistance, cold resistance and heat resistance of the leather. It is the main film-forming agent for modifying grain leather with pigment paste.
8. Carbomer is mainly used as suspending agent or tackifier in liquid or semi-solid drug formulations.
9. It is mainly used in the manufacture of skin care products. It can promote the absorption of Grifola cinerea and control the release of drugs.
10. It is used as scale inhibitor and dispersant in industrial water treatment. The compatibility was good. It can also be used for drinking water pretreatment. It is used to separate red mud in the preparation of alumina. It is used to refine brine in chlor alkali plant.

The dissolution method of carbomer 940 was as follows:
Due to the special structure of carbomer resin, it causes water to expand easily, so it is necessary to set aside time for it to dissolve in water adequately, otherwise the gel produced is easy to join.
First, add the proportioned carbomer 940 (generally about 0.3-0.5%) into the beaker, then moisten it with a little alcohol, and then soak it in water at 80 ℃. Even if it is not stirred for 4-6 hours, it is almost completely dissolved.
Carbomer 940 solution was prepared, and then other components were mixed with carbomer 940 solution, and then neutralized with tea to pH value of 6-7. Because it is not easy to master the amount of triethanolamine, if the amount is too large, the system will become thinner. Therefore, it is recommended to dilute tea into 10% aqueous solution and add it with a dropper. When adding and stirring, you can see that the system becomes more and more transparent and the state is more and more dense, then measure the pH value, which is basically within this range.
Use note: after carbomer neutralization, long-term stirring or high shear stirring will cause viscosity loss. The existence of electrolyte will lower the thickening efficiency of carbomer resin, and long-time ultraviolet radiation will reduce the viscosity of carbomer resin.
Warm tips: the dispersion time of various types of carbo in water is related to water temperature and water quality. It is recommended to use deionized water. After dissolving, add other ingredients., 940,941, 934, 981 need to be soaked for about 8 hours, and carbo 2020 U10 U20 needs to be soaked for about 4 hours. The specific dissolution time depends on the amount of dissolution.

Standard Botanical Extract
Product NameSpecificationTest method
Marigold exactLutein 5%, 10%, 20%HPLC/UV
Tomato ExtractLycopene 5%, 6%, 10%HPLC
Ginkgo Biloba ExtractFlavones 24%, Lactones 6%HPLC
Ginger Root ExtractGingerol 5%, 10%HPLC
Black rice extractAnthocyanin 1%-25%UV
Boswellin extractBoswellic Acid 65%-95%HPLC
Griffonia seeds extract5-HTP 50%-99%HPLC
Milk thistle extractSilymarin 80%, Silybin 30%HPLC/UV
Senna leaf extractSennoside 6%, 8%, 20%HPLC
Shiitake mushroom extactSennoside 6%, 8%, 20%UV
Tribulus terrestris extractTotal Saponins 40%-90%UV
Supply Cosmetic Grade Chemical Intermediates Carbomer Carbopol 940 CAS 9007-20-9 0
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