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Boric Acid Antiseptics Disinfectants CAS 11113-50-1 wickr me , wanjiang whatsapp +8615512123605

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Boric Acid Antiseptics Disinfectants CAS 11113-50-1 wickr me , wanjiang whatsapp +8615512123605

Boric Acid Antiseptics Disinfectants CAS 11113-50-1  wickr me , wanjiang whatsapp +8615512123605
Boric Acid Antiseptics Disinfectants CAS 11113-50-1  wickr me , wanjiang whatsapp +8615512123605 Boric Acid Antiseptics Disinfectants CAS 11113-50-1  wickr me , wanjiang whatsapp +8615512123605

Large Image :  Boric Acid Antiseptics Disinfectants CAS 11113-50-1 wickr me , wanjiang whatsapp +8615512123605

Product Details:
Place of Origin: china
Brand Name: wanjiang
Model Number: A-11
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1kg
Price: usd
Packaging Details: cartons or drums
Delivery Time: 3-5 working days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram,bitcoins , bank transfer
Supply Ability: 1000kg/week

Boric Acid Antiseptics Disinfectants CAS 11113-50-1 wickr me , wanjiang whatsapp +8615512123605

Purity: 99.0%min Type: Pharmaceutical Intermediates
Cas No.: 11113-50-1 Product Name: Boric Acid
Color: Flake Storage: Cool And Dry Place
Shelf Life: 2 Years Application: Organic Intermediate
Moq: 1kg Whatsapp: +8615512123605
Packing: Aluminium Foil Bag Wickr: Wanjiang

Boric Acid Antiseptics Disinfectants CAS 11113-50-1 99% BH3O3 White Flake

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What is boric acid?


1. Boric acid and its sodium salt is a pesticide product that can control a variety of pests.

2.Products containing boric acid can be in the form of liquids, granules, pellets, tablets, wettable powders, dust, sticks or poison baits.

3.Boric acid exists as colorless crystals, flasks or white powder, soluble in water. Also known as hydrogen borate, boric acid, orthoboric acid and boric acid boric acid, is a weak monobasic Lewis acid of boron, commonly used as preservatives, insecticides , flame retardants.



Detailds of boric acid flakes


Flakes of boric acid (H3BO3) is one of the popular boron fertilizer because of its high solubility in low temprature and cost performance.


CAS No.: 11113-50-1


EINECS No.: 233-139-2


Appearance: White crystal


Purity: 99.9%




Melting point: 169 °C


Boiling point: 300 °C


Relative molecular mass: 61.83


Boric acid Usage And Synthesis

Uses Boric acid (boracic acid; H3BO3) is used for the manufacture of glass, welding, mattress batting, cotton textiles, and a weak eyewash solution.
Uses Boric acid (H3BO3) is a solid, soft, smooth, solid weak acid that is used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.
Description Boric acid, also called boracic acid or orthoboric acid or acidum boricum, is a weak acid often used as an antiseptic, insecticide, flame retardant, in nuclear power plants to control the fission rate of uranium, and as a precursor of other chemical compounds.






Product Name Boric acid
CAS 11113-50-1
MW 61.83
EINECS 234-343-4
Appearance white
Melting Point  
Boiling point  




Application of Boric Acid:


  • Boric acid flakes used in the production widely of borate,
  • sodium silicate,
  • borate ester,
  • optical glass,
  • enamels, paints,
  • pigments, cosmetics,
  • food preservatives,
  • printing and dyeing AIDS and medicine,
  • but also as an anticorrosive disinfectant, convergence agent.


How does boric acid work?


1.When insects consume products containing boric acid, boric acid can disrupt their stomachs and affect their nervous system. It can also damage the external organs of insects.


2. Boric acid and sodium borate can make plants dry and kill plants, that is, prevent plants from photosynthesis.


3. In addition, boric acid can also prevent the growth of mold and other fungi.



Matters needing attention when using boric acid:


Compared with adults, children are particularly sensitive to pesticides, so during use, please keep away from children, they should be applied in places where children can not reach



Boric Acid Antiseptics Disinfectants CAS 11113-50-1  wickr me , wanjiang whatsapp +8615512123605 0

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Packing & Delivery: 
1. Inner double plastic bags----25kg/Fiber drum (35*35*45cm, GW: 28kg, NW: 25kg);
2. Inner double plastic bags----5kg/Aluminum foil bag (GW: 6.5kg, NW: 5kg).
3. Inner double plastic bags----1kg/Aluminum foil bag (GW: 1.5kg, NW: 1kg).
P.S.: we accept packaging customization.
1. Stock products are normally shipping within 3 working days.
2. For rush delivery, please contact our sales team for particular arrangement.


Shipping Details:
1. We ship goods via DHL, Fedex, UPS, TNT, China post, NL Post and other couriers, weight from 10g to 1000kg or even bulker.
2. Shipping details & shipping documents will be provided and sent by email.
3. We keep tracking the shippment until clients well received.
4. After years export shipping experience, with professional and experienced cooperated forwarders, we ensure that goods can be delivered in multiple ways safetly and efficiently.

Q1. can you supply the free sample? A1: Yes. it based on the different product. Q2:ls there a discount? A2: Yes, for larger quantity, we always support with better price.The more you order,thecheaper. Q3:How about your delivery time? A3:lt usually takes 7 days. It depends on different Shipping ways. Q4.Do I need to pay extra for shipping cost? A4:No, our price includes the shipping cost already; you need not pay for any tax and others. Q5. What's your payment terms? A5: TT,Western union,Bitcoin,L/C and Money gram. Q6:.How about the packing? A6: Usually we provide the packing as 25kg bag/carton/drum.

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